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Are you looking for cheap flight tickets from Dhaka to Toronto? Do you want affordable and comfortable flights at the same time? If yes, then you have arrived at the right place. We try our level best to provide the best flight information to our customers. We will help you by providing all the necessary information regarding travel from Dhaka to Toronto which includes flight duration, schedule, distance, or timings. For more queries, you can contact us anytime to get reliable results.

Flights from Dhaka To Toronto


Are you looking for cheap flight tickets from Dhaka toToronto? Do you want affordable and comfortable flights at the same time? Ifyes, then you have arrived at the right place. We try our level best to provide the best flight information to ourcustomers. We will help you by providing all the necessary informationregarding travel from Dhaka to Toronto which includes flight duration,schedule, distance, or timings. For more queries, you can contact us anytime toget reliable results.

There is no doubt that journey by air for any purposebusiness or pleasure is the most comfortable form of travel. There are enormousamounts of airlines out there that offer the best services, but with ourassistance, you will get to choose from the top airlines according to yourpreference. We are here to ensure your travel schedule is prepped and readywith all the necessary arrangements required.

A list of airlines flying fromDhaka to Toronto


In this modern age, anybody can go up on the internet andget book flights for themselves. But with us, you can get all the research donefor you. All-important information carefully analyzed and displayed to you sothat you can choose whichever airline you want. Below mentioned are the mostcommon airlines that have flights from Dhaka to Toronto:


Cathay Pacific


Qatar Airlines


Cathay Dragon


Turkish Airlines




The flights are a mixture of direct or one-way flight androundtrips which usually have one to two stops in between. The average durationof the flight is around 22 hours and 50 minutes but keep in mind this time willvary because of transit stops. 

Air ticket price of Dhaka toToronto


There are many platforms where you can book your Dhaka toToronto flights on discount rates easily. Airfare is always subjected tochanges especially during this pandemic and so it is really difficult toprovide a fixed price for one. Air ticket fare keeps changing due to manyreasons. The prices written below are an estimated average and keep in mindthese prices may go up or go down depending on the circumstances. This is justto give you an idea of the upcoming expenses.

 Ticket price of Dhaka to Toronto **

Cathay Pacific- Starting from 90,384 BDT 

Qatar Airlines- Starting from 87,108 BDT

Cathay Dragon- Starting from 93,240 BDT

Turkish Airlines- Starting from 171,075.91 BDT

 Emirates- Starting from 133,213 BDT


 About Dhaka and Toronto


Dhaka is our beloved capital city. It is the busiest yet oneof the most stunning cities in Bangladesh. Dhaka is the economic, political,and cultural center of Bangladesh. It is one of the major cities of South Asia,the largest city in Eastern South Asia and among the Bay of Bengal.  You will get to witness so many gorgeouslocations and places that will make you spellbound. Ranging from the deliciousfood to the picturesque locations Dhaka has it all. The city's culture is knownfor its cycle-rickshaws, cuisine, art festivals, and religious diversity. Theold city is home to around 2000 buildings from the Mughal and British periodsand they are a delight to visit.


Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province ofOntario. People have traveled through the city and inhabited there for over10,000 years the city is extremely diverse with over 200 distinct ethnicorigins and is the primary location for the immigrants. Its economy is highlydiversified with strengths in technology, design, financial services, lifesciences, education, arts, fashion, aerospace, environmental innovation, foodservices, and tourism. Some mentionable places which are a must-visit on yourtrip:


Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Toronto Island Park 

CN Tower 

St. Lawrence Market 

Royal Ontario Museum 

Hockey Hall of Fame 

The art Gallery of Ontario 

Casa Loma 

High park 

Distillery historic district


Airport Addresses

Dhaka Airport

Shahjalal International Airport
AirportRoad, Sector 1, Kurmitola, Dhaka 1229


Toronto Airport

Toronto Pearson International Airport
6301 Silver Dart Drive
Mississauga, ON
L5P 1B2

Top Hotels in Toronto


You would require a hotel to check in Toronto if you don’thave close relatives or friends there.  To save you from the extra hassle, we havealready created a list of top hotels in Toronto. Have a look:

One KingWest hotel and Residence

RadissonAdmiral Toronto Harborfront

HyattRegency Toronto

FairmountRoyal York

Delta hotelsby Marriott 

Holiday InnToronto

Yorkdaleintercontinental Toronto Center


Embassysoups by Hilton Toronto airport

TheStrathcona hotel


DoubleTreeHilton Hotel Toronto downtown

Four Seasonshotel

Emergency Telephone Numbers


Although Canada is known to be a really safe country withthe friendliest people ever, it is never known what issues arise during yourstay. It is suggested to be prepared for future inconveniences and for that wehave made a list of the emergency telephone numbers that you may need in anycase of urgency while you are in Toronto.

Police, Fire, & Ambulance: 9-1-1

Poison Information Centre: 1-800-268-9017

Ontario Provincial Police: 1-888-310-1122

Marine and Air Search and Rescue: 1-800-267-7270

Kids’ Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

To call collect, dial 0 followed by the area code and thenumber. For example: 0-123-456-7890. Listen for and follow the voiceinstructions. You will have to say your name when asked to.

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