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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”- Saint AugustineTravelling makes our life happier by relieving us from the hustle and bustle of our monotonous lives. It teaches us to see the world through a different lens. Different countries, lively cities, traditions, cultures, and lovely people-all these make a journey memorable. Now, traveling has become much easier and cost-efficient than ever before. Airlines businesses are coming up with lucrative offers and discounts to attract travel lovers. Today, we will be talking about different travel destinations, famous cities, delicious foods, most importantly flight details about those destinations.

Malaysia is an amazingcountry, known for reflecting an eclectic blend of ancient customs, traditions,and culture with a dash of modernity. The country has a lot to offer toits discerning tourists in terms of all the Malaysiantourist attractions likebeautiful islands, beaches, quaint towns, heritage sites, and adventure spots.


Best places to visitin Malaysia:

·        LangkawiIsland: Langkawi is anarchipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia's west coast. Surrounded byturquoise sea, the interior of the main island is a mixture of picturesquepaddy fields and jungle-clad hills. Nature lovers find the island just asagreeable as the shoreline is fringed by powder-fine sands and swaying coconuttrees. The island is especially recognized for its excellent divingopportunities and this tropical gem hides a treasure trove of other excitingholiday opportunities.

·        PerhentianIsland:  A group of stunning, coral-fringedislands – the Perhentian Island is located almost 19 km away from North-easternMalaysia. It is a part of marine park where activities like fishing arestrictly prohibited. It is one of the most unique places to visit in thecountry. It is also counted among the best places to visit inMalaysia with friends.

·        Penang: Nicknamed the pearl of the Orient, Penang is famous for itssoft sandy beaches and is fondly regarded as the food capital of Malaysia. Someof the interesting sites of Penang include the sandy beaches of Tanjung Bungah,the landscape from the summit of Penang Hill, and the vipers in the SnakeTemple. The quaint nooks and crannies of Georgetown and the Tropical Spicegarden- the only spice garden in Southeast Asia-as well as Penang's many fleamarkets, modern shopping malls also merit a visit.

·        Mount Kinabalu: Mount Kinabalu, along with other upland areas of theCrocker Range is well-known worldwide for its tremendous botanical andbiological species biodiversity with plants of Himalayan, Australasian, andIndo-Malayan origin.Hikers love to enjoy impressive trails that allow a glimpseof the picturesque surroundings of the region. Quite popular among people withadventurous bones, it is one of the best Malaysia visiting places to have athrill oozing experience.

·        Redang Island: Redang Island is situated off the coast of Terengganu andit has been a popular destination for as long as one remembers when it comes todiving, snorkeling, and enjoying the sandy beaches and clear waters. RedangIsland, or Pulau Redang, is part of the protected marine areas, also known as Terengganu MarinePark, which is meant to conserve the ecosystem and biodiversity of flora andfauna of the island. Usually, visitors tend to flock to the place somewhere inbetween April to October (preferably before October on the safe side, as thenortheast monsoon starts setting in from November).

Foods to eat inMalaysia: Malaysia is a melting potof Chinese, Malay, Thai, Indian, and many more mixed into one yummy country todiscover.

·        Mee gerongmamak

·        Apam balik

·        Ayampercik

·        Nasi lemak

·        Rendang

·        Nasikandar

·        Laksa

Flight Details:

·        A host ofairlines fly from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur, so there is no shortage of flights andprices to choose from. AirAsia, Biman, and Malaysia offer flights, as doEmirates, Etihad, Qatar, and Singapore among others. Some offer direct flights,while others require stopovers.

·        Theaverage direct flight from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur is approximately three hoursand fifty-four minutes. For connecting flights, the time scale differsdepending on the route, with the most popular connecting city being Singapore.

·        Theaverage flight price from Dhaka to Kuala Lumpur is $249(approximately TK22000).

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