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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”- Saint AugustineTravelling makes our life happier by relieving us from the hustle and bustle of our monotonous lives. It teaches us to see the world through a different lens. Different countries, lively cities, traditions, cultures, lovely people-all these make a journey memorable. Now, traveling has become much easier and cost-efficient than ever before. Airlines businesses are coming up with lucrative offers and discounts to attract travel lovers. Today, we will be talking about different travel destinations, famous cities, delicious foods, most importantly flight details about those destinations.

Dhaka to Kolkata:


Now, let’s admit manyof us think that Kolkata and Dhaka are like twins. Dirty streets, traffic,cramped roads, unhealthy public spaces, and many other similarities. But,Kolkata has much more to offer than our fragile imagination.


Places to visit andthings to do in Kolkata:


·        Victoria MemorialHall: Thereis hearsay that a visit to Kolkata is incomplete if the Victoria memorialmansion is not visited. Themuseum has a big white marble statue of Queen Victoria at the center of thebuilding and a vast garden which is about 64 acres and is adorned with variousseasonal flowers. The whole building has 25 galleries.

            Visiting Hours: 10 AM-5 PM (Monday-Sunday)


·        Indian Museum: It isthe largest museum across India and boasts exquisitecollections of armor, antiques, ornaments, skeleton, fossils, mummies, andstunning Mughal paintings. Presently, themuseum has 35 galleries. For those inquisitive about history, there is also alibrary and bookshop present within the museum premises.

Visiting Hours: 10 AM-6:30 PM(Tuesday-Friday);10 AM-8 PM (Saturday-Sunday)


·        MallickGhat Flower Market: Itis one of the largest flower markets in Asia. The place is the epitome of hustle-bustle, continuousactivity, and color. Starting as early as four in the morning, the market is teeming with vendors and buyersselling flowers in myriad hues, shapes, and sizes. If you are an avid explorer,then this might be a nice place to start knowing about Kolkata.


·        HowrahBridge: The magnificent HowrahBridge connects Kolkata to the Howrah Station and it stands with all itsstrength over the Hoogly river. The place is almost always busy with dailycommuters, travelers, and work porters.


·        Kumortuli:It is one of thecultural precincts of Kolkata. Kumortuli is otherwise known as the"pottery locality" is over 300 years old. Around 150 artisans livewith their families in the narrow lanes. They put their heart and soul incrafting and building magnificent statues from clay. If you are a person wholoves art, craft, sculpture then this a perfect place to visit. It is locatedin Banamali Sarkar Street in North Kolkata.


·        CollegeStreet: College Street aka“Boi Para” is the iconic book colony of Kolkata. This place has a unique charm of its own.Dotted with makeshift bookstalls constructed with bamboo, wood, canvas, andsheets of tin on both sides of the road, College Street is a paradise for booklovers. The universal availability of books and the large network of shopowners make a person's buying experience truly memorable. It is located betweenBoubazar and Mahatma Gandhi Road.


·        NewMarket: The New Market is one of thebusiest places in Kolkata. The New Market in Kolkata,which is also known as the Hogg Market, is located on Lindsay Street. It housesnot only shops of garments and jewelry but also arrays shops of electronicgoods, leather items, dry fruits, cookies and cakes, crystal items, groceries,kitchen items, household goods, and flowers. There are over 2000 stalls underits roof. It is an absolute shoppers' paradise.


Foods to eat inKolkata: Kolkata is one of thebest places to treat your taste buds. The streets of Kolkata are filled withmouth-watering snacks and dishes. Let’s look at some delectable food that youmust try in Kolkata:

  • Phuchka
  • Churmur
  • Ghugni Chaat
  • Jhalmuri
  • Kemar Doi Bora
  • Kathi Rolls
  • Shingara/ Samosa
  • Chanar Jilipi
  • Aloo Kabli
  • Telebhaja
  • Aloo Dom Lucchi
  • Mughlai Parantha
  • Kabiraji Cutlet
  • Dragon Chicken
  • Ghoti Gorom

Flight Details:  

Dhaka– Kolkata flights are very popular in Bangladesh. Approximately 70 flightsdepart from Dhaka to Kolkata in a week.

Thecheapest Dhaka to Kolkata airfare rounds up to BDT 4,900. The price offlights for this route varies from BDT 4,900 to BDT 7,900 depending on theairlines and services provided by them. Mentioned below is a list of airlineswhich operate between Dhaka and Kolkata:

  1. Biman Bangladesh
  2. Jet Airways
  3. Regent Airways
  4. Novo air
  5. Indigo
  6. Spice Jet
  7. Air India
  8. US Bangla

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