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Recognized as the commercial capital of the country, Chattogram has a thousand-year-old cultural heritage. Chattogram is known as the holy land of Bara Auliya, the queen of the East, Bir Prasbini, the spiritual capital, the port city, the international tourist city, the benevolent city.

Recognized as thecommercial capital of the country, Chattogram has a thousand-year-old culturalheritage. Chattogram is known as the holy land of Bara Auliya, the queenof the East, Bir Prasbini, the spiritual capital, the port city, theinternational tourist city, the benevolent city.

Places tovisit in Chattogram:

1.     Chattogramship breaking yard: It is thatplace where giant ships are broken down to the very last bit for the very lastpiece of metal scrap. Here, visitors can look deeply into the lives of theworkers and the huge work that goes on every day.

2.     PatengaBeach: This is the perfectplace for nature lovers who enjoy sunset and sunrise. The beach isspectacularly beautiful with high levels of security. Tourists are not allowedto swim but can enjoy boat-trips in the ocean waves.

3.     ChattogramCircuit House: The CircuitHouse is an epicenter of brutal history and archaeology. This place was used asa torture camp by the Pakistanis during the liberation war. It also witnessedthe murder of Ziaur Rahman. The Circuit House stands as the witness of a bloodyhistory of Bangladesh.

4.     Shrineof Bayazid Bostami: This ancientshrine is believed to be dated back to the time of the Mughal emperorAurangzeb. There is a tomb enclosed in a modern structure and a pond withhundreds of soft-shell turtles. While locals acknowledge that the body ofBayazid Bostami is not buried here, the tomb, attributed to him as animitation, is nonetheless the object of veneration for many pilgrims.

5.     TheNational Ethnological Museum: The Ethnological Museum is one of the most specializedmuseums in Bangladesh and is a symbol of unity and progress. It is here whereall the tribes of Bangladesh, past, andpresent come together, to educate the public and promote understanding andtolerance of each other.

6.     WWIIMemorial Cemetery: Maintained by the Commonwealth War Grave Commission, thissomber cemetery contains the graves of hundreds of soldiers from both Alliedand Japanese forces who died on the Burma front. Many are inscribed with simpleand powerful epitaphs of loss and love. 


·        Airlinesflying from Dhaka to Chattogram include US Bangla Airlines and Biman BangladeshAirlines.

·        Low pricedtickets are available if purchased two-three months in advance

·        It takesapproximately 48 minutes to reach Chattogram from Dhaka

·        Thebest days to book flights from Dhaka to Chattogram are Tuesdays, Wednesdays,and Saturdays

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