Dhaka (DAC) to Paris (CDG)



Paris, the city of love. Are you thinking about a honeymoon in Paris? Want to visit with your family or friend? Or it’s a journey for business purposes? Whatever the purpose is If you are looking for a perfect flight from Dhaka to Paris that suits your budget and other priorities, you are in the right place. However, you will also get to know a lot more about Paris throughout this article. So please continue reading.

Dhaka (DAC) to Paris (CDG)

Paris, the city of love. Are youthinking about a honeymoon in Paris? Want to visit with your family or friend?Or it’s a journey for business purposes? Whatever the purpose is If you arelooking for a perfect flight from Dhaka to Paris that suits your budget andother priorities, you are in the right place. However, you will also get toknow a lot more about Paris throughout this article. So please continuereading.

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A list of airlines flying from Dhaka (DAC) to Paris (CDG)

As we work with some of the bestairlines around the world, we are here to help you you’re your suitable flightfrom Dhaka to Paris. The benefit of choosing a flight from us is, you canselect your favorite one from a wide variety of options. You can find variousranges of prices that offer different qualities and services. Here are theairlines that offer flights from Dhaka (DAC) to Paris (CDG).






Air France


Biman Bangladesh Airlines


About Dhaka:

Dhaka is the heart of Bangladesh.People from all around the country and abroad come here and live with peace andharmony. It’s a developing city with one of the world’s most dense population.Dhaka is known for its friendly people, foods with a lot of spices, rickshaw,mosque, and some of its beautiful places.

About Paris:

As you have reached this page toknow about Paris, Let’s discuss a little about Paris.

ParisIs often called the city of love.Somecall it the city of light. Paris is thecapital city of France. A romantic place where any couple dreams to be. Parisis known for its tender and carefree people, luxury, fashion, brands, naturalbeauty, beaches, poetry, museums, UNESCO sites, history, and obviously romance. Paris iseven more beautiful at night. It is one of the most famous cities in the world.Hereis a list of the best places you should visit when in Paris.

Inevery recommendation of the best places to visit in Paris, Eiffel Tower is amust to keep. You can’t avoid that. Then comes the places are given belowrespectively.


NotreDame Cathedral




Champs Elysées / Arc of Triumph

Cruise on the Seine


Palace of Versailles

Disneyland Paris


However,there is a lot of places to visit in Paris. Everything in Paris will keepsurprising you.


Airport Addresses:

Dhaka Airport

Shahjalal International Airport
Airport Road, Sector 1, Kurmitola, Dhaka 1229
Phone: 02-7911042


Paris (CDG)

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Address: Avenue Charles de Gaulle, 95700Roissy-en-France, France.

Phone+33 1 70 36 39 50


Ticket price of Dhaka to Paris

The price of air tickets is alwaysa matter of concern. But with our services, price won’t ruin your romantic trip.We will manage your air tickets at the best possible price.

Air ticket fare always keepschanging depending on different factors like travel dates, special occasions,demands, and other factors. So, it is not possible to write a fixed price foranyone. We are trying to provide an average air ticket price from Dhaka (DAC) to Paris (CDG).Please note, the prices may fluctuate depending on those factors.We are just trying to give you an idea of probable fare cost. To know thelatest updates, you can always contact us.

Ticket priceof Dhaka to Paris (CDG)

One way:

QatarAirways                         starting from 595

TurkishAirlines                       startingfrom 613

Biman BangladeshAirlines     startingfrom 624

Round trip:

TurkishAirlines           starting from 828

Qatar Airways             starting from 832

Top Hotels in Paris

Hotels are a must when visiting a foreign country. Every tourist needs aplace where he can rest and enjoy more after an adventurous day. To help youskip further research here is a list of hotels that you would like to choosedepending on your budget and other requirements.


Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel





Hôtel La Nouvelle République

Hotel Ekta

Hôtel Jeanne d’Arc


We can help you to book a hotelfor you. So, nothing to worry about.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Don’t feel helpless at the momentof emergency. always Keep these contacts with you.

EmergencyNumbers of Paris:


Call: 17 – free call

Fire service

Call:  18- free call

Telephone operator assistance in France

Call:  12


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